Rock Band. Fights Evil.

People are talking about Rock Band:

“I liked the way Mr Butler extended moral ambiguity to the land of clouds and harps. It is is entirely justified, he reveals, to Taser an archangel. That’s a heartening development!” — Trevor Price, The eNovella Review

“Butler built a crazy world with infinite possibilities…This read gives you a great pulp fiction feel that would easily transfer into a comic book, and in a sense, that is what I felt like I was reading – minus the illustrations.” — C.V. Hunt, The L.L. Book Review

“If you like gory action, supernatural good vs. evil battles, flawed heroes on a journey of redemption, or just guys with guns sending hundreds of rounds downrange, these books are for you.  And if not … what’s wrong with you?” — Dan Willis, author of The Survivors

“A story that never gives anyone a rest, neither its characters nor its readers… Butler has crafted the story through the medium of a nigh-on perfect style.” — Michael R. Collings, Collings Notes

“This story is action packed right from the word go.” — guest reviewer Sarah, Literary R&R

“This first novella is ridiculously fast paced. Butler hops from one action sequence to the next effortlessly and breathlessly.” — Steve Diamond, Elitist Book Reviews

“Start to finish, this was a great read.” — Susan Gottfried, West of Mars

“Quick but highly entertaining read… reminded me of Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy series The Dresden Files.” — Ian Chung, Sabotage Reviews

“Bursting with action, snappy one-liners, quirky characters and tantalising glimpses of the author’s own view of fantastic mythology, Hellhound on My Trail is a heady series of set-piece fight scenes, improbable adventures and, naturally, rock music.” — Kate Onyett, in the Future Fire

“A fast-paced pulpy combat-laden adventure. Lots of things get hit and go squish.  Recommended.” — Nathan Shumate, author of The Demon Cross and The Golden Age of Crap, editor of Arcane

“It’s on, bitches!” — Paul Genesse, author of The Iron Dragon series, editor of The Crimson Pact

Hellhound on My Trail is relentless and compelling.  It’s a two-fisted slugger with dynamite in both its hands.” — E.J. Patten, author of Return to Exile

Hellhound on My Trail is a blazing staccato burst of non-stop action! Grab your Fender, ratchet your semi-auto, and fire up that old van: there’s bad things out there that need a good stomping on!” — Platte Clark, author of Bad Unicorn (Spring 2013)

Rock Band Fights Evil is a pulp fiction serial available exclusively in e-book format. Each installment of Rock Band is 30,000 to 40,000 words (about 120 to 150 pages in normal Word formatting, a short novel).

D.J. Butler writes Rock Band, and Carter Reid does the covers.

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